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How To Make Money Buying Storage Units On Auction

February 17, 2013 in Investing, Recreation, Shopping / Reviews

These days there is a big hype over the craze Storage Wars. I too am addicted to these types of treasure hunts as well. I have purchased a complete storage locker for $5.00 and have made over $2,000.00 . This is no means a get rich quick scheme. There are several tell tale signs to look for when purchasing these lockers. Most people who fail in the treasure hunt are the ones who have no control over emotions or there ego.

You need to stay within your budget and what value you put on each individual locker. For example, the auctioneer opens the door up and as we inspect the contents I am looking for items that have value. I then add it up in my head and give a resell value on that locker on ONLY the items I can visually see. If I estimate I can get $500.00 on the item’s then that is my limit period. If it goes over that I let it go. This method has worked great for me. If you need more information on locating these auctions you can contact me directly or you can visit CA AUCTION BID for the latest upcoming storage lien sales. Happy Bidding!!!

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